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Submitted by isport on Wed, 07/11/2012 - 09:54

England manager Roy Hodgson has said that he did not consider Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick for the Euro 2012 because the former Tottenham midfielder asked the England manager not to be considered for the squad, according to Man Utd News.

This comes as a shock admission from the England international, who is thought to have made his last appearance for the national team.

The Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick has not been a first-team regular for the England national team under any manager in the past. As a result, it is thought that he has lost the interest in playing international football, which is going to come as surprise to many.

Roy Hodgson has also revealed that he has always admired Michael Carrick as a player. The 31-year-old has been a player who has been known to dictate the style of play with his brilliant passing, and setting up goals for Wayne Rooney.

However, the last couple of seasons has not been the best for the midfielder, who came extremely close to leaving Manchester United a few summers ago. Roy Hodgson will certainly rue the lack of Michael Carrick due to the absence of Frank Lampard and Gareth Barry. The Chelsea and the Manchester City midfielder both pulled out of the competition after having suffered injuries.

"The contacts with Michael were actually conducted before I took the job and it was made clear to me that he wasn't a player that wanted to be considered, so he wasn't a player that I did consider. At the time, with all the senior players we had at our disposal, it wasn't so important. Michael Carrick is a player that I have always admired and, who knows, in the future, if these type of injuries continue, he might have a very important part to play. But then I would have to go and speak to him," said Roy Hodgson.