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Carrick Goes Easy On Taking The Managerial Role

Submitted by content on Sat, 11/24/2018 - 08:49

Becoming a manager is an amazing feeling is what Michael Carrick believes. However, he is not rushing to take up the permanent role in haste. The former England midfielder is one of the assistants of Jose Mourinho at Manchester United after his retirement from the football game at the end of last season. The best part is that the 37-year-old is thoroughly enjoying his current role. He strongly believes that it is the ideal grounding in the field of management and coaching. He doesn’t want to say it loud that he wants to be the manager of Manchester United. As per Carrick, it is not the right time to take up the position. He is happier to be playing his current role as he is not there as an intern but making great attempts to learn everything that he should. Carrick wants to do the job mainly to see a better and an improved version of him.

It is a learning which clearly works for specific lads. The required skills for managing the team and giving them right coaching are what he wishes to learn completely. Carrick is not someone who would take things for granted but also knows at the same time the chances to become a successful coach is not much. He does not know if he would be a manager as the truth is that everyone cannot become a manager. Carrick will give his best shot to see where life takes him.

“Carrick said he is not chasing the managerial post as he is in an excellent position currently.“
He is not on the lookout to come out of the role any time soon as he wishes to do a lot more. It’s his confidence and willpower that would definitely make him “becomes a great manager “in no time.