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Carrick insists that everyone should take responsibility

Submitted by content on Thu, 01/14/2016 - 09:24

Louis van Gaal is the man that all or at least the majority of the blame of Manchester United’s recent downfall is being placed upon and the situation in Old Trafford is getting so intense that the Dutchman has already stated that if things don’t change soon and positive results start to emerge, then there is a possibility of him resigning from his managerial position in the Premier League club.

However, according to the vice-captain of Manchester United, Michael Carrick believes that everyone should be blamed for this recent string of losses and everyone has to stick together instead of placing the blame only on 1 person.

"As a club, as a group of players, the staff and the manager; everyone is in this together. We have to stick together and win football matches. We all have to take responsibility for that, we are all in it together.We are on a horrible run, it's a horrible feeling, it hurts a lot and it's hard to take. We are not playing well enough as a squad, we take responsibility for that; it has to be a lot better. When you are on a bad run, it's tough, it's hard to take’’

Michael Carrick is certain that the only way Manchester United can bounce back from this run of disappointing results is by staying together and not playing the blame game.

Manchester United kicked off this season in superb form as Louis van Gaal and his players only lost 1 match from their 7 opening games and had a genuine chance of competing for a top spot in the Premier League but things have been falling apart for them after having dropped points and lost matches against teams that are located in the bottom and middle section of the English league and this is something that a club which has spent so much cash in upgrading their squad can’t afford to do.