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Carrick Still Believes

Submitted by isport on Tue, 02/18/2014 - 12:25

Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick says that they still have a slim chance of making it to the top four this season despite the fact that they could not register a win against Fulham in their home turf and then ending up with a goal less draw against Arsenal at the Emirates. The Reds are placed seventh in the Barclays Premiere League and this is one of the worst seasons which United is going through in decades.

David Moyes and his team are going through a rough patch this season and they have failed to make Old Trafford their fortress which has been in the recent years. This has made them suffer poor defeats as the two consecutive draws have almost taken away their chances of finishing in the top 4 this season. United is still 11 points from Liverpool who is now in the fourth place and it looks that the chances for the fourth place is unlikely with Spurs and Everton both looking to fight till the last match.

Michael Carrick said that they knew it would not be an easy season for them and they have had tough times so far. But he hopes that things will change soon. David Moyes has been particularly unhappy with the performances of his team and thinks that the midfield play has been pathetic and the passing has not been up to the mark.

He also said that Carrick has given too many back passes this season which is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence in the game which is what United would not want at this point of time. The fans booed the players after their draw against Fulham where Darren Bent scored the equalizer in the dying seconds of the game. Both Carrick and Moyes said that the fans should stand by them right now and things will be better than what has been this season.