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Submitted by isport on Mon, 02/27/2012 - 17:07

Michael Carrick was quite sure of the fact that Manchester United could have converted their match against Chelsea into a victory win. He does realize that it was quite a bad start for the team who suffered an initial loss of 3-0.

However once Wayne Rooney scored two penalties there was a ray of hope set in for the team who were quite sure of making it a victory game.

This hope soon went on to become a sure shot when Hernandez set the equalizer goal with six minutes left on the clock. There is no complaining from Michael Carrick as he is quite elated about the fact that Manchester United managed to gain a [point from a position where they were surely going to lose. However all he feels like saying is that if they could put in such an effort, they should have been able to tighten their defense and converted the game into a win and got an additional 2 points helping them to rise up the points table.

Manchester United put up an excellent show and Michael Carrick and the other players did their level best to keep the offense strong despite the fact that their defense got beaten badly in the initial stages. Apart from that, they did not lose hope and continued to fight till the very end to make sure that they do not lose against Chelsea.

Chelsea’s performance started to deteriorate towards the second half and they were seen struggling to keep their defense strong and prevent Manchester from equalizing. Once their focus was shifted to the defense, they lost track of their offense and eventually this was quite a harmful turn of events for the team which was in turn a favorable change of events for the Manchester United team.