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Football betting tips

Submitted by isport on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 09:34

Next season’s Premier League is already gearing up to be a classic with a title race, the contest for fourth place and relegation battles all completely unpredictable at this stage. While the three top clubs have all changes managers, Arsenal, Spurs and Liverpool maintain their solidity. The lower-lying clubs have begun spending and are primed to push this contest to the final day of the season, so what are the best bets out there?

When betting on the Premier League it’s always worth going with what you know. It’s a tactic many online casino gamers use when choosing an arcade or slots machine to play, for knowing your game is vital to success. So, it’s worth studying squad strength before betting on football. Arsenal remain strong but haven’t boosted their team much this summer and so the race for fourth may be a contest between Spurs – who are set to land David Villa and Paulinho this week – and a developing Liverpool side.

At the bottom, Cardiff must spend big to avoid relegation and they are a good bet – along with Sunderland – to head straight back down. Punters have confidence betting on teams to be relegated for their chances are usually evident before the start of the season.

While the Premier League takes a break many fans use this opportunity join the online casinos for some action. Casino gambling is an exciting way of whiling away the hours before the start of the season and often brings the fun of the match onto your computer screen. The similarities between casino and football betting are endless. Before the start of the season a manager will prepare himself for the task ahead, which is exactly what online gamers do. Understanding the games before you play for big money is just like playing friendlies in preseason and that is where you’ll learn your vital tactical nous for big-money success.

Success in any game is about preparation and knowledge, something that can help you land the jackpot in the slots as much as Robin van Persie a hat-trick at Old Trafford.