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Michael Carrick Said 'For Two Years I Was Depressed After The Defeat In Champions League Final'

Submitted by content on Thu, 10/25/2018 - 06:59

Former Manchester United midfielder Michael Carrick says he suffers from depression two years after the red devils lost to Barcelona in the final table in the 2009 Champions League. Carrick says the 2-0 defeat triggered the "biggest low" of his career. It culminated, the 37-year-old says, at the World Cup in South Africa in the year 2010.

"It was my dream to be in a World Cup, but the truth is that I would not be there. I would be home," said the English international. Carrick alleges himself for the defeat in the Champions League in Rome and after he gave away the ball in the build-up to Barca's opening goal. In an interview, he said, "I beat myself over that goal,"

"I asked myself," Why did I do that? "And then the depression became the snowball from there. “It was a hard year after that. It lay slowly. I had won the Champions League the previous year, but it was completely irrelevant “. It felt like I was depressed. I was really down. I imagine that's what depression is. I describe it as depression because it was not even a thing. I felt bad or “awful after some game“s, but then you'll get over it over the next couple of days, but the one I just could not get rid of. It was a strange feeling. "

Carrick, now an assistant coach at Old Trafford, said that although his wife Lisa and parents knew his match, no one, including his teammates, was aware of the extent of his psychological problems. "I kept it for the most part myself. Even my family did not know the full extent of it," he says. "It's not something that really matters about football; I have not talked about it before. For the boys, I've played with it, read this, it will be the first time they know [about depression].