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Submitted by isport on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 15:33

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney recently turned 28 years of age, which many regard to be the prime of a footballer. This is usually the age where a footballer is at the peak of his powers after having gained all the knowledge the past decade as a youngster.

Rooney is considered as one of the deadliest strikers in the world. This led to many clubs like Chelsea and Paris St Germain showing an interest in his services when he revealed his desire to move away from Manchester United in the summer. Ultimately, the club decided not to sell him despite his wish to do so.

He has proven to be a great asset for the club so far by managed to score goals in all competitions. Even though he has turned 28 years of age, he still can continue improving according to his teammate Michael Carrick. Carrick thinks that Rooney is one of the gifted footballers on the planet who is capable of improving all the time. Carrick has pointed to the example of Ryan Giggs, who still continues to play at the highest level at 39 years of age. This simply would not have been possible had Giggs choose not to improve at his age according to Carrick.

"I am sure he is looking to improve. He's getting on, isn't he? But look at Ryan Giggs. What he did on Wednesday was incredible. He goes from not playing for a bit to finishing a game like that - it sets an example to everyone. They say you are just getting into your peak at 28. If Wayne wants to can carry on playing on for a long time yet I am sure he will improve - and he is playing well at the moment," said the England international about Rooney.